Masternode that adjusts the rewards for more ROI to its users.
The Masternode rewards will be adjusted Automatically in order to get more ROI,
if there are more number of masternodes.



Website creation (achieved)


Google promotions and
press releases


Mailing our Bitcointalk
users about the coin


Bounty campaign along with
Signature and Facebook bounty


Listing on proper volume exchanges such
as HitBTC, Coinexchange, Cryptopia


Android Wallet release


Listing on Coinmarketcap


Taking community vote for
further developments


You can setup Masternode with 5000 coins collateral. You should buy 5001 coins as there will be 0.00001 fee for the transaction.

Always check the Masternode setup guide on GitHub. We have simplified the process. You can setup multiple masternodes by making multiple wallets on same PC or VPS


Difficulty Retargeting : Every one block
Maximum Block Size: 3MB
Max Supply: 40,000,000 coin
Premined: 20,00,000 coin
Block Time: 70 seconds (Approx 1200 PoS-Block/Day) First 2000 blocks are used for Pre-mine
First PoS Block : 2001 Block onwards
Minimum Staking Age : 24 Hr
75% Block Reward for masternodes + 25% Block Reward for Staking Masternode collateral needed for setting up: 5000 coin
PoS Block Reward    
2000 Block 4400 Block 8 Block
4401 Block 6800 Block 10 Block
6801 Block 9200 Block 12 Block
9201 Block 18800 Block 14 Block
18801 Block 38000 Block 16 Block
38001 Block 50000 Block 18 Block
50001 Block 62000 Block 20 Block
  After 62001 Block 22 Block

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We Will Apply To The Following Exchanges

Investment Quantum AI



Please allow it 1 confirmation on the blockchain before the BTC deposit is shown in the ICO website.
Your receiving address will change after the wallet has synced 100%. Please wait and let it sync 100%, only then you should copy the receiving address and paste into the ICO website to purchase Gainer Coin - Symbol / Ticker GNR
You need 5000 coins to start a masternode. You should purchase 1 extra coin as some fee will be deducted while sending you coins from ICO website to your wallet.
Masternode is a wallet that is to be kept online 24/7 on VPS or home PC. This wallet will be verifying the transactions of Gainer Coin - Symbol / Ticker GNR. In return for the verifications, the masternode earns 75% of the block rewards.
In staking, the wallet verifies the transactions based on its coin weightage. The more number of coins stake in the wallet, the more rewards the wallet gets. Staking rewards are 25% of the block reward.
We will apply to the following exchanges,
ICO phase is till 3 weeks only. After this we will list the coin on exchanges right after the 3rd week itself.

5118 port should be open. Check if it is open or not on If it is not open then you can use this software on VPS to open the ports.

  • Remote port is 5118
  • Remote host is your IP
  • Local port is 5118
  • max connections are 2

The port should be open on modem too if you are using home PC. It is best to use 24/7 online VPS instead. The price is just $7 a month. Here are a few sites which provide Windows VPS or